Jason Noronha

Having caught the travel bug somewhere along the line, I’ve attempted to travel as much as possible and I’ve lived in Goa, Bangalore, Singapore, Jakarta, Nairobi, Georgetown (Guyana), New Delhi and Berchtesgaden (Germany).

I graduated from being a financial consultant to a volunteer, unemployed nomad, shoe salesman, aspiring entrepreneur and finally a successful entrepreneur (check it out – the hostel crowd). In parallel, aided by an increasingly flexible schedule I became a runner and then a triathlete. The transition has been an incredible journey and living with uncertainty has become a constant. Writing has helped me process the overwhelming amount of information that floods me every time I’ve broken away from my comfort zone, initially by travelling and later on by doing something unreasonable like quitting my job and starting a business in India. I have attempted to document my journey here.

5 years after quitting the rat race, my mindset towards work, money and life has evolved considerably. Apart from a steady source of income, the hostels have also given me a beautiful partner in crime. However, sitting idle and enjoying this comfort zone is not an option and given the unpredictability of the past, I can’t even begin to imagine what the future holds in store.

Thanks for following my adventure here on theOrangeMango. If you’d like to say hi, ask me about hostels or discuss the pros and cons of quitting your job and starting up, drop me a note.