Backpacker Hostels in Paramaribo: the Cheap vs. the Nasty

Backpacker Hostels in ParamariboParamaribo is the Capital of Suriname (yes, that’s a Country) and is widely referred to as the Europe of South America. While cheap hostels are a dime a dozen, once you add safety to the equation, possibly only 3 hostels remain. Add to this the fact that the Country speaks Dutch, quotes prices in Euros and is in South America and you’ve got a whole new set of problems on your hand.

Having spent some time at all of these (don’t ask why); here’s what they’re all about.

#1. Twenty24

This is by far the friendliest backpacker place of all. At 15 Euro per night, it’s far from cheap, but this seems to be a more systemic problem with all safe hostels in Paramaribo. You can expect clean spacious room, clean bathroom and friendly staff. The highlight of this place is its open balcony, which allows you to meet the other guests over a beer. Twenty24 is walking distance from the historic centre and 100m away from the Cathedral.

#2. Albergo Alberga

A Beautiful, old Dutch house converted into a hostel, this is located bang in the middle of the historic city centre. This is reflected in the rent. At 18 Euros, the cheapest room here is slightly more expensive than the neighboring two hostels. Other features include a tiny swimming pool. However, due to dangerously high chlorine levels, I’d suggest donning protective gear first. The biggest drawback here is that the hostel gives out a very boring and slightly unfriendly vibe. The guests tend to be older, relatively well behaved and usually prefer to keep to themselves.

#3. Zus and Zo

If you’re looking for a hostel online, this is the place you’ll find splashed around most sites. The hostel is opposite the palm garden and is walking distance from the waterfront and historic city centre. A nice restaurant at the bottom gives this hostel a relaxed atmosphere. All the potential it shows on the outside disappears once you get inside. Tiny crammed rooms and dingy bathrooms is all you’ll get for your 16 Euro.

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2 Comments on “Backpacker Hostels in Paramaribo: the Cheap vs. the Nasty

  1. Thankyou for putting this up. Surinam is a place no-body really seems to know about, so its great having these references!

    • No worries Madeline. Suriname is a beautiful Country and definitely worth a visit..

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