Street Music in Brazil

Music’s always in the air in Brazil…regardless of the time or the place..

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2 Comments on “Street Music in Brazil

  1. hey jason, where’s the best place to stay in rio for the carnival? 😀 i wanna be as close to the action + the glorious beaches!

    • Hey Cindy,
      Although I haven’t been around for the carnival, I’ve heard that it passes through the long street that runs along all the beaches (Ipanema, Copacabana, Leblon, etc). My guess is that prices of hotels along this stretch will sky rocket during the carnival. Book in advance and book a place that’s affordable. Since the beach stretch is accessible by metro, you should be able to stay away from this area (cheaper) and travel to the streets during the carnival.

      Hope your trip works out. Being a part of the Rio carnival is one of my life goals at this point in time 🙂


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