Venezuela’s Best Kept Secret: La Gran Sabana

Mention Venezuela to a random man and he’ll definitely rave about a Country that has produced the most number of beauty queens. If he’s a BBC planet earth fan, he’ll throw in a few words of praise for the majestic Angel Falls or the inaccessible Mount Roraima. What you’re unlikely to hear about is the beauty of the Grand Savannah. Green fields beneath a dark blue sky dotted with white cotton clouds and mountains decorating the background.

La Gran Sabana

The Grand Savannah

If you’ve got 30 bucks (USD) to spare, you could get a cab to drive you around this natural paradise for a day.  What’s even better is the entire savannah is filled with numerous waterfalls; some as large as Kaietaeur, yet unconsciously ignored since waterfalls are numerous enough to not be considered anything out of the ordinary.


By far the most remarkable of the lot, Jasper is a tiny waterfall that flows over red jasper rock. For the uninitiated, Jasper is an opaque hard impure variety of silica that is used as a gemstone. How do you like that? This waterfall flows right over a semi precious rock!

Saro Wapo

Great waterfall if you’re looking to repeatedly jump off the edge into the cool water below. Once you’ve belly flopped a few times, look for a shady spot under a tree and take a nap. It doesn’t get any better than this. The pictures speak for themselves.


Long river with a series of waterfalls. Rather than the waterfalls, the highlight here was an elusive iguana.


Sad to say that no one seems to pay too much attention to this gigantic waterfall located at the side of the highway.


Another waterfall (yawn). However, this one stands out because of the numerous vultures that nest in the forest right beside the waterfall. Before you reach for your shotgun, remember that these creepy birds are more terrified of you than you of them. And rightly so!

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